Winkler Partners Achieves Carbon Neutral Certification for 2021

To address the issues of climate change and global warming, Winkler Partners Attorneys at Law has voluntarily chosen to follow the PAS 2060:2014 carbon neutrality reporting framework. Winkler Partners engaged the British Standards Institution (BSI) to conduct a third-party verification of our carbon neutrality in 2021, becoming the first law firm in Taiwan to be certified as carbon neutral.


To get a full picture of our carbon footprint, Winkler Partners inventoried and verified our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with the ISO 14064:2018 standard. Among the categories in which we measured our emissions were employee commuting, business travel, and purchased goods and services. The inventory found our total GHG emissions under the market-based approach to be 22.617 metric tons of CO2e. To offset our carbon footprint, we purchased carbon credits from a Gold Standard onshore wind energy project located in Changbin Taiwan, enabling us to declare the achievement of carbon neutrality.


Winkler Partners has made sustainability issues an ongoing concern and aspires to be the greenest law firm in Taiwan, having implemented carbon footprint reduction measures for many years. For example, by 2014 we had reduced our electricity consumption by 58% compared to 2004. In 2017, we installed rooftop solar panels to generate green energy satisfying about 20% of our electric power use. We entered into a power purchase agreement in late 2020 with Foxwell Power, a green energy supplier, and achieved 100% green electricity in 2021. By 2021, we had also reduced our water consumption by 61%. We’ve equipped our rooftop with rain collection tanks to collect rainwater for reuse, saving an average of about 40 metric tons of tap water per year.


Achieving carbon neutrality has been just one benefit of Winkler Partners’ many years of efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, use clean electricity, and recycle resources. Our proactive approach to carbon neutrality requires investment of manpower and resources, but we are all honored to be able to do more for the planet. For this reason, beyond demonstrating our 2021 carbon neutrality under the PAS 2060 standard, Winkler Partners will continue to pursue further real reduction targets in the future.