Translations of Taiwan securities laws and regulations updated

The following updated translations by Winkler Partners were recently published on Taiwan’s official portal for securities-related laws and regulations:

  1. GreTai Securities Market Rules Governing Bond Repurchase and Reverse Purchase Transactions on Over-the-Counter Markets
  2. GreTai Securities Market Rules Governing Information Reporting by Companies with GTSM-listed Securities
  3. Taiwan Futures Exchange Corporation Rules for Encouraging Reporting of Unlawful Activities on the Futures Market
  4. Establishment of an Information and Communications Security Inspection System for Futures Commission Merchants
  5. GreTai Securities Market Regulations Governing the Trading of Call (Put) Warrants

The Winkler Partners Translation Department has produced the English translations of securities laws and regulations for the portal since 2002. The portal is updated twice a month with new and revised content.

Currently, the site contain 1,463 securities laws and regulations, 540 of which have been translated into English.  The site also contains 6,262 administrative letters of interpretation and 1,471 court judgments.