WP secures registration of historic motion mark

Winkler Partners is happy to announce that we recently obtained a historic trademark registration on behalf of one of the world’s largest social media companies. Jason Yan, a Senior Consultant at Winkler Partners, successfully registered a motion mark, one of only several in Taiwan, which has the distinction of being Taiwan’s first motion mark to be registered in over ten trademark classes. It is also noteworthy for being the first design-only motion mark to be registered in Taiwan, as it does not incorporate any word or text elements.

Motion marks are a relatively new concept in Taiwan trademark practice, and consist of moving images that would previously have been considered unregistrable in Taiwan and most other jurisdictions. Winkler Partners is proud to offer excellent service in this emerging area of trademark practice. If you or your company are interested in applying for a motion mark, please contact us at info@winklerpartners.com.