WP recycles 4,000 liters of rainwater in November

Frequent rains in November meant that the Winkler Partners Green Office team was able to quantify our use of recycled rain water as an alternative water source for our bathrooms.  On November 1st we began directing water from the collection tanks on our roof to bathrooms on the 12th floor.  The reading on the attached meter was 119 on 1 November and 123 on 30 November. That converts to 666 flushes (4,000 liters/6 liters used per flush).

With more rain on the way in December, we should be able to keep saving water at the same rate for the foreseeable future.

Rainwater Toilet

The orange pipes running out the window feed rainwater into the tank. Instructions for switching water flow are posted on the wall.

Catchment tanks on the 14th floor rooftop

Local print media covers our three 750 liter catchment tanks.