Peter Dernbach in Forbes Asia on indictment of former Ting Hsin chairman Wei Ying-chun

Forbes Asia recently covered the indictment of Ting Hsin International Group’s former Chairman Wei Ying-chun. Wei, a member of one of Taiwan wealthiest families, was indicted on criminal charges related to a 2013 food involving adulterated olive oil allegedly sold through one of Ting Hsin’s subsidiaries. He is also under investigation on criminal charges arising from the ongoing “gutter oil” scandal in Taiwan and is currently being held in custody.

Peter is quoted as saying that Taiwan has a relatively strong record in prosecuting food safety cases in recent years. The trend in these case has been “quick” investigations and “severe” penalties. The difference in this case is that Ting Hsin is a much larger company than those prosecuted in the past. Its multiple layers of management may make it difficult for prosecutors prove that its Chairman knew that the company was selling adulterated olive oil.

You can read the full article here.

Peter and WP’s Gary Kuo have an upcoming article in the November issue of Taiwan Business Topics that analyzes civil and criminal litigation arising from an earlier 2011 case and the 2013 olive oil crisis.