Chinese suppliers to be treated as foreigners for Taiwan public procurement projects

As Taiwan’s opening to China continues, the Executive Yuan’s Public Construction Commission has issued a draft amendment to its regulations governing foreign suppliers that will make the rules applying to foreign suppliers apply equally to Chinese suppliers from the PRC. 

The Commission’s explanation of the draft amendment (§ 7-1) is that since the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area defines the Mainland Area as the “the territory of the Republic of China outside the Taiwan Area” (§ 2), the class of ‘foreign suppliers’ should not automatically include Chinese suppliers. Moreover, the Act also applies to Chinese suppliers since it regulates trade between the PRC and Taiwan.
In sum, the draft amendment clarifies that Chinese suppliers will be treated as foreign suppliers mutatis mutandis when they participate in Taiwanese government procurement projects.
Comments on the draft are due by 16 July.