Meet The Team

Megan Chiu

Megan joined Winkler Partners in 2021. Her work focuses on assisting international and domestic investors in establishing entities in Taiwan, handling company registration, and ensuring compliance. She has assisted a broad spectrum of multinational clients, including fitness club franchises, semiconductor companies, and mechanical manufacturing. In addition to her work with for-profit organizations, Megan has helped non-governmental organizations establish their presence in Taiwan.

Her expertise extends to assisting a diverse range of foreign professionals with applications of work permits, residency (ARC and APRC), Employment Gold Cards, and more. Notable clients include a Golden Melody Awardee, an acclaimed acting director, a Tony Awards nominee, and senior executives in the semiconductor industry. She also has experience obtaining residency and ID Cards for Taiwanese nationals without household registrations.

Megan is a certified professional in employment service provision and a licensed Employment Services Counsellor. She also holds a Stock Affair Specialist Certificate.

Megan graduated from National Taipei University College of Public Finance. She speaks Mandarin, English, and Taiwanese.